This space is dedicated to the memory of Karla Pappon, 24th August 1964 – 4th October 2020

There is so much to say about Karla that it is hard to know where to begin.

From successful rock musician in Brazil, to special educational needs teacher in Dulwich, with who knows how many other activities and challenges in between, Karla for us remains the very fabric of our tennis club. No-one will ever know how many hours she spent behind the scenes organising tournaments, quiz and comedy nights, Saturday breakfasts, dealing with balls and lights, attending and contributing to lengthy committee meetings… as well as carrying out the more mundane tasks of sweeping floors and making sure we had clean towels in the bathrooms!

She was also a committed eco-warrior, constantly checking that the club’s recycling was in order. One of our members reported proudly that she had switched to natural skin and hair care products in cardboard packaging. « I make my own », replied Karla.

On court she was a demon, always striving to improve and try out new things. A fantastic player, at the time of her death she was through to the final of the mixed doubles, the semis of the women’s doubles, and the quarter finals of the women’s singles in this year’s championships.

She did, however, have one major failing on court. She never had the remotest idea what the score was. When asked, she would simply respond: « it’s something something ».

Karla, none of us will ever be able to find the words to say how much we miss you, and how much we will treasure the time we were privileged to spend with you, both on court and off.

We know those of you who knew and loved Karla will want to share your memories on our dedicated tributes page and you can do so by clicking here.