COvid-19 club update

As a result of the government statement this week, the LTA has now issued a new directive about how tennis clubs can start the process of reopening.

The LTA recommendations can be found here—covid-19.pdf read them and you will see how they influence the protocol that follows

1) The Club is open and courts may be booked now. However, there is always an element of risk of contracting the virus despite the measure we are taking, so responsibility is heavily on members cooperating, and also staying away if they or any of their household exhibit any symptoms.

2) We are currently having the top courts (1 and 2) repainted so they will be out of action until 24 May, weather dependant. As a result, you should only book 1 x 1 hour slot per week until they reopen. If you’ve already booked a double slot, please free one up to give other members the chance to play.

3) The only play allowed are singles between two members, or doubles by families or households who have been self-isolating together. No other form of play is allowed. If we find anyone breaking these rules we WILL HAVE TO CLOSE DOWN THE CLUB, so please don’t do it. Please do not tamper with the nets. The height will be set by a designated committee member and the key removed. The gates onto the courts will be kept open to minimise touched surfaces. Do not close them, however annoying it might be.

4) Singles. If you are playing singles, please only use your own balls for serving. These need to be clearly marked with your name. Please keep the two-metre distance rule when changing ends. Either go round the net on different sides or step back for your opponent to pass. Please bring your own water as the clubhouse will be closed.

4) Households playing doubles. Please be aware of the activity on the court next to you, especially if you are playing with young children. Keep the two-metre rule at all times.

5) You can only enter the club if you have booked to play tennis. Please do not bring partners or young children who are not playing. As soon as you’ve finished, please leave – don’t socialise! There should be no sharing of equipment so the ball machine will not be available and the practice wall will not be in use.

6) Booking. You can book a court for 1 hour a week. You can play longer if your opponent has also booked, but be aware, that is your entire weekly allocation until all courts are in use. Please finish your game after 55 minutes to allow time to leave the court before the next booking arrives. Set a timer on your watch! We intend changing the slots on the top court so you can only book on the half hour, thus minimising traffic coming into the club at the same time.

7) The Clubhouse. The clubhouse is out of bounds for anything. So, no water, use of the toilets and changing rooms or access to floodlights. Its light till around 8.30 at the moment so that’s when play has to end.

8) Entering the club. We obviously have a very specific problem with the pathway. Priority will be given to those leaving the club. If you see anyone coming up the path, go back outside the gate and wait for them. There will be signs around the club with instructions. If you are the first to arrive or last to leave please operate the padlock wearing a glove. The code is the same but will be changed on 1st June, the deadline for having paid subs.

9) Subscriptions. Only players who have paid their dues will be able to book a court.

10) Please bring your own balls. If you need to purchase a tube you can pay £5 to the NDLTC account the day before you play, email Karla who will then leave them on court named for you.

11) Hand sanitiser. We will provide a hand sanitiser station near to the inner gate (70% alcohol) and for each court. Please use it!

12) If you are the last person to leave the club, please close and lock the outer door onto the street – please wear gloves. Do not touch or close the inner door. This will be done by a designated member of the committee.

13) Please read all the signs that will be posted around the club. It’s really important that you follow them. Stick to the two-metre distance rule at all times.

14) Take your rubbish home, the court bins have been removed..

15) Coaching will start once all courts are available for play but there will be no group sessions, just 1:1 or 1:2, so you will need to book through Peter ( .

We are only allowing the club to open under these rules. If we find that they are being abused in any way, we will have no option but to close. We are all desperate to play so we need you to be sympathetic to other members.

Finally, as mentioned before, the LTA guidelines can be found here—covid-19.pdf. Please read them before coming down to the club.

The Committee